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Assuming the name and responsibility of quality in the market, we produce tons of onions and zucchini every year with our rich soil and quality cultivation process.

White Onion
Yellow onion

Yellow onion, known for its beautiful golden yellow shell and solid texture. Its strong aromas mean yellow onions are an ideal spice in any kitchen!

Flavor properties: strong, rich aromas, mild aftertaste.
Suitable for: grilling, roasting, caramelizing, roasting.

Red Onion
Red onion

Red onion, known for its round shape, fine texture and fresh spicy flavour. This makes red onion perfect for freshly served dishes such as salads. Beautiful colour gives a little more to your food!

Flavour properties: fresh, tangy, spicy, strong aftertaste.
Suitable for: salads, frying.


Zucchini , (Cucurbita pepo), a type of squash from the Cucurbitaceae family. Its fruit is cylindrical, whitish and the pulp is whitish in colour. It is grown in large quantities in Anatolia. Used in cooking as a vegetable.


Organik Üretimi Bizimle Keşfedin 

Tarlalarımızda sizlere en kaliteli ürünleri sunmak adına son teknoloji sulama sistemleri kullanılmaktadır. Organik soğan yetiştiriciliğinde iddialıyız. 

Devoted Process Mangement Team 


Every product collected from the field is carefully cleaned and made ready for export.

Tohumdan dağıtıma tüm süreci teknoloji ve organik sağlıklı tarımla gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Her yıl tonlarca organik ürünle ihracat hacmimiz büyümeye devam ediyor.